Writing That May Make My Mother Cry

By November 25, 2014Marketing Principles

I do love my mum.

But this episode may make her cry.

In this video training I give you my rebellious, reckless writing tips that will transform the way you think about communication and help you engage your community like you never have before.

I’m breaking free from traditional business “talk” and hoity toity professional jargon and getting real.

And I want you to too.

Join me as I walk through some simple things I do to help capture and keep my communities attention. AND build awesome relationships and connections.

If the lack of grammar and prose isn’t enough to make our mother’s cry, the shocking statistic I share in this video sure will…

And before you say, “sure, but you don’t understand my industry…I just gotta be wordy” – stop. I’ve already got you covered 😉

Tweet: “Complexity is wreaking havoc on business…people mistakenly believe that more information equals greater clarity” Alan Siegel @GraceLeverBiz

I’m recommending a fantastic book that is perfect for people in complex industries (I’m talking legal, finance, insurance etc). The authors understand what you’re up against. And they give you incredible examples of how the big boys are now embracing the concept of keeping it basic too.

Adjectives and long wafty sentences are soooo 2000. Its time to embrace dumbing it down and chopping it up.

Don’t forget to share your own results from my quick tool in the comments section below – especially if you’re style is super simple 😉

grace lever

P.S. Love you mum!


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