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By November 14, 2014Friday Funday

Calling all consultants and chocolate lovers!!

This week’s Friday Funday is one that I’ve been hanging out for for a while.

I’m super excited to be combining all of my favourite things in to one Friday Funday – chocolate and business automation!

I know, I’m a bit of an automation nerd.

But this week’s Friday Funday shows you how we design and implement I’m giving you the step-by-step mind map of exactly how the whole process comes together and the tools (free or super cheap) we use to get everyone’s hands of the keyboard and create a consistently exceptional client experience.

Sounds a bit like a dream right?!

It is.

But we’ve done it before, and I’m going to show you exactly how we will do it again.

So join us on a sugar rush as we explore Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, stuff ourselves stupid on sugar and get this critical part of our business completely automated for good.

Because…Tweet: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try…and chocolate” Brian Littrell (and a little creative license!) @GraceLeverBiz

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