Why Can't We See Your Pretty Face?

By December 10, 2014Marketing Principles


I had a very interesting chat with a man in a massage chair a few weeks ago.

Hang in there, let me explain.

This man, along with many other entrepreneurs I meet in my travels, had a fantastic business idea and an lovely personality.

Just an all-round awesome person.

And communicating their passion, their experience and their services to their community using words on a page? Well its just plain limiting.

Their personality and their expertise is hard to illustrate on a written email or “About Us” page. Relationships are also very tricky to build without a face-to-face connection.

These people just needed to get their pretty faces on camera!

And I’m betting you do to!

There is only one problem stopping these people – absolutely no idea where to start. Many of these people also throughout that their lack of budget or inexperience in front of a camera or uncertainty about their feel on camera were problems. But I guarantee you they’re not.

I first started creating video on an absolute shoestring budget and I want to show you how.

I’m not techy and I’ve got not production experience.

Unless you talk to my mum who will assure you I used to do a fantastic job reading the “news” in our family video skits when I was 7. I don’t count that 😉

But I’ve been able to create a whole business around video and am sharing my videos with thousands of people across the world every single week.

This week I’m going to help you nail down the first thing you need to turn from boring text into engaging personal video in your business.

Check out the video above and commit to your business in the comments below by sharing with me the first thing you’ll be using video for.

Tweet: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!”

It’s about time we got that pretty face of yours on camera!

I can’t wait to hear from you xx


grace lever

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