When The Tax Man Comes 'a Knocking…

By November 19, 2014Financial Affairs

How planned out are your business’s finances? How confident are you each time the tax man comes knocking? Are you making the most of your business’s cash-flow?

I get asked these questions a lot and in this week’s episode, I answer a question of Hanna’s from New Zealand.

Yep, its about finances. I know, I know, soooo NOT sexy.

But bear with me.

Just a few years ago, business was booming and I couldn’t care less about my financial management or planning. Boring! Life however got pretty interesting when the Tax Man came knocking and I discovered I was in $35,000 debt to the government.

Hmmm…finances are looking a little more sexy now right?!

I had never found financial management or cash flow planning important or interesting. I had too many other exciting things to do in business and dealing with banks and balance sheets is my kind of hell.

Today I’m going to help answer Hanna’s question and the many other financial questions I am asked by entrepreneurs by showing you the few simple things I did at that scary time to not only get on top of the debt but get miles ahead.

The steps are simple, you don’t need an accounting degree and its not going to cost you a bomb to set up.

It may cost you a bomb if you don’t.

Tweet: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain. Except death and taxes” Benjamin Franklin @graceleverbiz

So check out today’s video and schedule your chat with your business banking advisor today. Trust me, when business is booming, you’ll be SO glad you did.

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So go and get your business’s finances nailed now and free your heart and mind from the worry of money!

grace lever


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