Video Marketing Case Study: How My Video Got Over 13K Views

By June 28, 2016Video Marketing

Are your videos struggling to gain traction?

Ticking all the boxes, but still can’t figure out why your video marketing efforts aren’t converting?

Video Marketing Case Study female Entrepreneurs

When it comes to business, trailing and erroring your way through is not the way to go.

Analytics are your friend!

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m a huge nerd for statistics, tracking and marketing analytics… who would’ve thought numbers could be so sexy?!

I didn’t used to be though…

But once I saw the insane power tracking and analysing my business statistics has in enabling me to make calculated and informed decisions, I’ve become a huge fan of spreadsheets, charts and everything in between.

In terms of video marketing, why are tracking the analytics so important?

Because it allows you to see exactly what’s working, why it’s working, and even better, why something isn’t working.

It’s because of this that I upload all my videos to Wistia.

From the back end of Wistia, you’re able to see average engagement rates by video length, play rates and total plays, as well as the location of your viewers, how they accessed your video (on what webpage), and how long they watched it for.

Pretty intense, right? But in the best possible way.

These statistics allow me to see what parts of my videos are the most engaging, where engagement drops off, and asses what I could do to improve the engagement rates.

To demonstrate how I can tell all of this from a bunch of numbers, let’s look at a case study of my homepage video which has reached over 13K plays all over the world.

First, the video in question:

I shot this video over a year ago, and at the time, no one else was using this style of video in video marketing.

Below, have a look at the statistics from Wistia:

Video Marketing Wistia Statistics

From this, I can see:

  • Out of 13.2K total plays, 75% of viewers were engaged throughout the entire video
  • Of those who click on my video, 97% are engaged within the first 10 seconds
  • 57% of people who clicked on this video made it to the end

If you have a look at the heatmaps below (which shows when and where people are viewing my video), you can also see that the engagement rate of those watching in Australia is very high. By clicking on the arrows to the right, I’m also able to see whether my video is being viewed on a mobile device or on a desktop computer.

Video Marketing Wistia Statistics

This information is vital in determining how your target market are viewing your videos.

By analysing all of the above information, I can see this video is quite high-converting and extremely engaging.

This is for a number of reasons:

  • The blackboard background is unique enough to stop the scroll and grab attention
  • The video is able to engage the audience without audio, meaning we can pull them in as soon as the video begins to autoplay
  • The script is well crafted with and pulls at the pain points of my target market. These are the things that will resonate with your target audience and get them interested in what you’ve got to say
  • The pitch is well thought out and high-converting (as we’ve managed to keep over 50% for tuning out)
  • The holding slide (what the viewer sees before the video starts playing) is intriguing enough to attract attention on it’s own
  • Above all else, the video is authentic and approachable (think my facial reactions, hand movements and the written content of the video)

Can you see how analysing the statistics from your videos, and everything you do in marketing is absolute gold?

The video above is one of my most successful ones to date, but trust me… I’ve had a handful of others that didn’t do so well.

By taking the time to tweak my videos using the Wistia statistics, I’ve been able to perfect my videos over the years.

And it’s so easy to do, you’d be crazy not to!

So if you aren’t already doing so, take a moment to explore the back end of your video hosting site (I recommend using Wistia and YouTube).

I bet you’ll be a numbers nerd like me in no time!


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