How I travelled The World For 4 Weeks… Without A Computer!

By October 29, 2014Lifestyle & Health

I forgot how incredibly important holidays are just last week when I returned back from my most recent adventure.

My husband and I have just returned from the most fabulous 4 week holiday – and overseas trip across the States to explore new places and return to old favourites.

This holiday however had something completely different about it. It was laptop free. Yep, I said it. I’ve just returned from 4 weeks without a laptop (the longest stint in the last 6 years…so yes, I’m pretty pumped!).

And you know what. Both my husband and I run online businesses.

So this is HUGE!

If we can do it, you can too.

This week I want to share with you some snapshots of the beautiful places we visited and tell you about the route we took because if you haven’t already, its an awesome trip to set off on!

But more importantly, I’m going to tell you the steps I put in place to make this possible. I’m going to show you how I prepared in the 4-6 weeks leading up to this vacation so that my businesses kept ticking and the income kept incoming despite my presence – or lack thereof! As promised, check out the Basecamp Training here to show you how I am able to stay annoyingly organised with my team, even from the other side of the globe 😉

Holidays absolutely mean the difference between your success and your burn-out. And not just a day away here and there. I’m talking a proper break without interruption. Without work-talk. Without being “available”. I’m talking about a real holiday with your loved ones or alone where you can disconnect and relax.

Tweet: A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work ~Morris Fishbein @GraceLeverBiz

So my challenge to you…?

Where’s your next holiday? What destination or adventure is on your bucket list? And when are you leaving?

Its no longer good enough to let your business rule your lifestyle. Its time to embrace a lifestyle business and I’m pretty sure for most of us, this means more LIFESTYLE and less BUSINESS!

So thank you again for watching and sharing so much. I hope you’ve been inspired and encouraged. And I hope you’re more equipped to embrace your lifestyle business with everything you’ve got!


xx Grace


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