Video marketing is one of, if not the most underrated marketing tool out there.

Video Marketing for Female Entrepreneurs

In the last couple of years, I’ve seen a huge shift away from the traditional B2B approach towards dynamic, personable marketing.

Gone are the days when boring, stuffy automated emails and landing pages were enough to capture and convert leads into paying customers.

And thank goodness for that, because they’re about as engaging as a sack of potatoes.

Think of your website as a direct reflection of yourself.

Like an online business card, your website needs to convey the personality and passion you put into what you do.

Imagine speaking to an interested group of your target market at an event, with only a few stock-standard things to say and a sales pitch drier than a legal textbook

The chances of capturing anyone’s attention would be pretty slim.

In 2016, people want to work with people they know, trust and love, not faceless businesses.

And short of a good chat over coffee or a face-to-face consult, the best way to communicate with your target market is through video!

No other marketing tool can deliver your message as quickly, clearly and authentically as video can, because no other tool allows you to have an actual human conversation.

A lot of women ask me, ‘but where in my funnel am I meant to be using video marketing?’

The answer is… EVERYWHERE!

Every interaction with your business, whether it be visiting your website, on Facebook or after purchasing a product/service must be exceptional.

And video marketing allows you to do just that.

Video marketing is so powerful—it has the potential to completely change your business for the better.

Not only are videos more engaging and entertaining than a still image, they enable you to affirm action, remove buyer remorse, and convert those fence-sitting leads.

So, let’s dive straight into the 7 types of videos your business needs to stay ahead of the game in 2016.

Admittedly, I LOVE video and would squeeze one into every corner of my online presence if I wasn’t restrained (but I do recognise not everyone wants to hear my voice every time they scroll through their newsfeed…)

But the 7 types of videos we’ll go through here are the essentials needed to turn every step in your marketing funnel into a high-converting machine!

1. Homepage

The homepage on your website is more often than not the first interaction your target market will have with your business.

We all know first impressions count, so make sure your business’ is a great one!

Including a homepage video on your website gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, but also re-affirm your leads that your website is where they need to be to find what they’re looking for.

Engagement is the name of the game—this video will be seen by people who’ve never seen or heard of you before, so it needs to grab their attention or peak their interest.

You’ve only got around 7 seconds to make an impact, so make them count!

Get creative and always remember to appeal to your target market’s pain points.

My flip card video below converts like crazy because it’s different to anything else out there, and hits the viewer with pain points that resonate with them.

2. Sales Page

This is your chance to explain what you’ve got to offer, and why your lead needs you to solve their particular problem(s).

Sure, you can use web copy and images to deliver this message…

But I’ve never known plain text and pictures to jump off the screen and physically have a conversation with me about my problems, and what might help!

Old-school sales tactics have gained a bad rep over the last few years for being ‘hoaxy’ and dishonest…

Telling your audience about your products with the same passion and authenticity that goes into creating them humanises the buying experience, and this really resonates with people.

Think of it like a conversation with a friend…

We’re all more likely to work with someone when they’ve been recommended to us by a friend because of the element of trust that traditional marketing often fails to establish.

3. Bridge page

Say goodbye to the conventional thank you page straight after a purchase.

By not offering your customers the next steps to take should they wish to work with you further, you’re only depriving yourself of all-important sales opportunities.

The purpose of a bridge page video is to outline some of the other things you do that might be of interest to your customer.

Again, it’s all about humanising these sales interactions.

It takes a fair bit of skill to write engaging, persuasive copy…

It’s a whole lot easier, and more effective to let your personality and body language do the talking, literally!

4. Up-sell

Appearing directly after the bridge page, your next landing page should offer a clear up-sell that adds value to the existing purchase and will make the customer’s experience with you even better.

No matter what, there’ll always be people who will want to buy ‘the lot’, but for those who need a little more convincing, a video works a treat.

Put the emphasis on added value, and creating urgency and scarcity (one-time offer, limited number available).

In my market, I find positioning up-sells as products for those who’re serious about making a change makes a huge difference.

5. Thank you page

Now it’s time to thank your new customer, and welcome them to your family!

Creating a thank you video is a really lovely and authentic way to express gratitude because it creates an honest, personable interaction.

Anyone can string together thank you copy, but putting a voice behind the words lets the customer know there’s a human behind the screen.

This is also your chance to affirm the customer’s decision to work with you, and remove any buyer remorse by dispelling any misconceptions or concerns they may have.

6. Retargeting

Speaking to the people who made it all the way through your funnel and completed a purchase is only the tip of the iceberg.

What about all the ones that got away?

There’ll always be those who get part of the way through your funnel, but don’t complete the transaction for a number of reasons (doubt, indecision, lack of trust).

And we can all relate to that… who hasn’t put a bunch of clothing items in the cart, only to close the browser window at the last moment?

If someone finds your website in search of a solution, it means they’re pretty hot (meaning they’re actively looking to solve their problem).

Don’t let these people get away!

Wow, that didn’t sound stalkerish at all…

In other words, don’t give up on those leads.

At the time of moving through your funnel, maybe they were at work and had to quickly close the browser as their boss walked by…

Perhaps the phone rang, or their child started crying, or the kettle finally boiled…

Retargeting videos work by appearing on Facebook and YouTube as a reminder you still exist, and that the offer to work with you still stands.

It’s best to acknowledge that they didn’t say yes the first time (e.g. hey, you recently checked out my Doing Days – where did you go?).

There’s no need to be desperate, but you’d be crazy not to give these leads another opportunity to finish what they started.

7. Teaser/slice of life

On the subject of Facebook, teaser/slice of life/behind the scenes videos are absolute gold!

The perfect complement to your still advertising images, slice of life videos allow your target market to gain a greater sense of who you are.

Snippets of footage at your desk, in the garden, at the gym, on the way to an event… anywhere that holds relevance to your life in your chosen field.

Authentic, engaging and personal, these videos attract attention on Facebook for all the right reasons.

Best of all, they convert like crazy and incite action!


Wow… we’ve covered a lot, haven’t we?

Although the idea of stepping in front of the camera, or putting your business out there to the world through video can be daunting

Embracing the power of video marketing has the potential to change the way your business operates.

There’s never a problem within your funnel that can’t be solved through video!

Grace xx


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