How To Stop Making Your Networking A Waste Of Time

By September 17, 2014Connecting With People

Tell me…

How is your networking calendar looking?

And one more question…

How many long-term, high-value contacts do you connect with at every event?

A common problem with networking at events is the lack of direction, focus, follow-up and purpose and this can turn amazing opportunities and connections in to boozy nights out and the familiar business card stack on the corner of your desk.

Its time to reassess your networking and the true value your business is receiving from your investment.

We all know that time spent networking (whilst the free food and booze isn’t a bad pay-off) is time NOT spent with your family, friends, or in the bath!

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing with you some of my networking-saving tools and strategies I use and love.

When I first heard about them, blew my mind!

And when I tell my own girlfriends or clients in business about them…they get super excited and realise the potential of having completely automated, personal and focused networking strategies to make the most out of every conversation.

These strategies include regularly forgotten common sense, awesome simple technology and personal automated nurtures to make the most from your every gorgeous face you meet!

Tweet: “Networking is people looking for people looking for people.” Jarod Kintz @GraceLeverBiz

Once you’ve watched the video above, I’d love to hear about your biggest networking wins.

In the comments below, share with me the crazy stories, people you’ve met and relationships you’ve developed from an initial chat with a random wearing a name badge at the bar.

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Thanks again for joining me for another episode of Real Woman TV and here’s to your next networking night out!

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