Stop Selling All On Your Lonesome

By September 10, 2014Connecting With People

You are not alone!

I know in small business it can often feel like a pretty lonely walk (let’s be honest, its more of a marathon!)

I’ve got good news for you.

Today, I’m going to show you how to build up an army of people who LOVE what you do and will happily tell hundreds or thousands of people in their network about it.

Partner programs can be one of the most cost-effective, fastest and hands-free ways to build a business quickly.

They can also bring your business down just as quickly if not structured in the right way. I’ve seen some very clever business women set up Partner Programs with some great affiliates or referral partners that had good legs BUT with one or two critical parts missing. The saddest part is that the businesses often take months to recover from bad Partner Programs and I’ve once seen a business go from steady growth to close to bankruptcy as a result of one poorly formed Partner relationship

BUT don’t be scared away!

As always, I’ve got some simple steps for you to follow to set up a No-Brainer Partner Program and protect yourself from potential failure.

‘Cos guess what? I’ve seen (and experienced myself) the incredibly fast momentum and growth a small business can only dream of as a direct result of a Partner Program. When you have others putting your business in front of hundreds or thousands of people that you haven’t yet reached, it can get pretty crazy busy, pretty crazy quickly!

Tweet: “Nothing Influences People More Than A Recommendation From A Trusted Friend” – Mark Zuckerburg @GraceLeverBiz

So, over to you! Ready to grow?

First things first, do you have a Partner Program or any experience in programs in the past? If so, how are they tracking and what have you identified from my steps that you MUST put in place ASAP?

If you’re a newbie to this, then put on your brainstorming pants and starting getting creative.

Who is regularly talking to your future customers that could start sharing the love for you?

And I want some commitment from you so that your Partner Program gets off the ground NOW! In the comments below, tell me the person or particular group of people you’re going to approach to start raving about your business.


Grace x


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