Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve

By July 16, 2014Vision & Service

Let me tell you a story…

My husband and I were living in the crazy world of downtown Sydney, Australia. We loved the adventures and experiences of this beautiful harbour/beachside city but we were small town kids at heart (you know, where you can put the washing machine on after 9pm and not have someone banging down your door!)

We had this beautiful dream of fine wine at a little local pub, beautiful empty beaches, chatting with neighbours on the dog walk, cooking in a big kitchen in a grand home with a big open fireplace – all the good ol’ fashioned stuff. So the next morning…

We woke up, went to work, came home and went to sleep – and repeated this for the next month.

Hmmm…surprise, surprise we were no closer to our goal!

Its in these big life decisions and important business decisions that I see so many clever women come unstuck in setting and achieving goals. The ideas are grand and beautiful and so inspiring, yet the actual action and steps in between are frequently off track – or quite often, in completely the wrong direction!

There was no way, no matter how much we wanted it, dreamed it, visualised it or researched it, that we would EVER get to our destination unless we turned around, faced that direction and then took planned, timely steps towards that destination.

That’s what I’m going to be walking through today.

I’m sharing with you my big two tips that helped us to reach this goal in just 3 weeks after 6-9 months of goal-less fluffing around.

And as Antoine de Saint-Exupery beautifully put it…

(Go on, tweet it!) “A goal with no plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupery @GraceLeverBiz

So watch the video, determine your goals and put in place actionable steps and deadlines. I’d love to hear from you below about the first step you’ll be taking in your achieving your goal. Is it a business goal? Perhaps a family or relational goal? A weight goal? Or maybe you’d like to relocate too?

This story has a happy ending – I have relocated my family, business, team and puppy to the beautiful Adelaide Hills. In about an hour I’ll be strolling down to the local pub with my beloved for our nightly tradition of drinking local wine by the fire with our puppy.

And I may even do a midnight load of laundry…just because I can!


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