Treat 'em Mean Keep 'em Keen

I’ve got an unbelievable (but sadly true) client experience for you… You’re going to cringe, laugh and gasp all at once.

And I’m pretty sure you may even relate to this one too!

I recently finally escaped a client who was hands down the most awfully horrible soul-destroying client I ever had. This client had the ability to avoid all responsibility, was very experienced at playing the blame game and requested outrageous demand after outrageous demand! At one point, I had a range of abusive, threatening emails after failing to respond to 23 emails in one day…not my idea of realistic expectations. This client drained my business resources, my life balance and my joy in business every time I opened an email or picked up the phone.

It was yuck.

But you know what? It was my fault. There were warning bells long before and I had helped to enable this situation…a situation I could have avoided.

For example, when I first spoke with this prospect, they sent through 5 or 6 email requests and questions before they had paid a cent. You know what that warning was screaming out? This client will be demanding and doesn’t value my time. Another time, the client quite rudely challenged a strategy I suggested and I had to justify my logic with proof and results. Guess what I should’ve realised at this point? This client doesn’t respect me as the expert I am (and that she’s paying me to be). There were plenty of examples like this before I signed with this client but sadly for my business and sanity, I ignored them.

I’m sure if you’ve been in business for even a short while, you’ll have seen and perhaps sadly worked with these kinds of people in the past.

They’re horrible right? But they are avoidable.

In this week’s episode, I’m going to share with you my tools, attitudes and word-for-word straight shooting statements that I have adopted and forced myself to use in every client closing conversation. And they work like magic 🙂

These tools have helped me to flip relationships upside down, have my clients begging me to work with them and respecting me for the expert I am. They’ve helped my clients to appreciate what I do and developed such beautiful and trusting relationships with every single one.

Because remember… Tweet: “If You Know You Can’t Live Up To Certain Expectations, Stop Setting The Bar So High” Anonymous @GraceLeverBiz

Ok, it’s time to vent. I don’t normally like to breed negativity in our sacred conversations and comments in these blogs BUT… Today I’m giving you the opportunity to share your most awful client experience with us. Because they suck and sometimes you just need to share!

I’ve heard some pretty crazy client stories lately so would love to hear about yours. AND more importantly, I’d love to hear your advice and thoughts on how you’ve escaped or avoided awful clients and customers.

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Now get out there and start being the expert you know you are!


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