Race Day

By November 21, 2014Friday Funday

Race Day fever is here!

And as always, you’re invited 🙂

Join us on today’s Friday Funday where we hit the racetrack and discover some critical elements that must be present for you to have any hope of success on both the Racetrack AND building a lifestyle business. I share these three things with you so that so many business owners forget or leave out…

I urge you don’t do the same.

Of course, as with every Friday Funday, there’s a LOT of fun!

And best part? I backed the winning horse with $12.50 and made $100…not bad for a first time gambler huh?! (And a HUGE congrats to my friend’s dad who owned the winning horse and pocketed a sweet $6.2 million…also not bad!)

Anyway, back to the business part 🙂

Check out this week’s Friday Funday and take note on those 3 critical elements you must review in your own business. Write them down, and work through each one with your own team to make sure you’re on track to your own Race Day.

My Race Day is my very own 90 day launch that we’re currently RIGHT in the middle of.

And good news friends, there’s some really exciting things coming up in the pipeline for the GraceLever.com family 😉 If you’re not already a part of my community, now’s the time to get involved by entering your details in the form above to make sure you’re hooked up when this baby is cooked and ready!

So tell me then, what’s your Race Day? What are you in training for? Are you launching your own product or business? Are you growing in to a new sector? Are you re-branding and re-defining what you do? (I love those projects the most!)

Its time to make it REAL and take the first step to action – because GraceLever.com without action = well, procrastination right?

So its time to be extraordinary.

And its time to make business fun!


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