Become a Leading Lady Without Becoming a Man

By July 23, 2014State of Mind

Wrestling with challenges, barriers and hurdles you’re experiencing?

Secretly convinced that your business journey wouldn’t be so hard if you were a male?

Now if you know me, you’ll know I’m not one to rant and cry “woe be me” whilst burning my bra – buuuuut…I want to acknowledge and be real about the different challenges we face as women running small businesses.

I’m excited to identify the things you can do to become a leading lady whilst embracing your femininity and everything that makes YOU beautiful!

Sure, we may have and few extra hurdles to jump, presumptions to change and attitudes to transform in some male counterparts but this by no means should deter us from pursuing a market, launching a product or dominating our industry.

More importantly, this shouldn’t cause us to change who we are as women.

If anything, I love the courage, resilience, grace and dignity that shines through in these situations and want to encourage you to embrace who you are a business owner and woman.

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So now its your turn 🙂 Tell me, what challenges have you faced as a woman in business? How do you overcome your challenges in business whilst celebrating your femininity? Share with me and join with this empowering and captivating group of business women by becoming a leading lady in their industry!

As always, much love and thank you for watching! Catch you next time on Real Women TV xxx


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