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By October 1, 2014Online Marketing

Put yourself in this scenario with me for a minute…

You own a language school.

Lisa walks by your office and something catches her eye – its the word “Spanish”.

She’s always dreamed of learning Spanish and now that Lisa’s travelling to South America next summer for a few months abroad, its the perfect time. Such a romantic language and such an exotic adventure…

So she stops and pokes her head in the door.

Inside are hundreds of posters, banners, and adverts offering so many different language classes. There’s English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Swahili, oh my goodness…overload!

Lisa can NOT handle it.

She couldn’t spot information on Spanish classes anywhere at a quick glance.


Too hard.

Lisa slams the door shut and decides to just wing it with gracias and bueno.


Massive fail.

How much does that experience suck?! Sure for Lisa – but what about your language school?

A completely eager potential buyer, emotionally ready to hand you cash, completely in love with your product and…

You go and make it hard.

Why? Because when they take a peek, you don’t give them what they want. (Sorry, don’t take it personally, I know you’re only wearing the shoes in this scenario!)

How about this scenario…


Lisa’s spotted the poster on the window.

She peeks her head in and this time there’s just one poster right in front of her:

“Want to learn Spanish for your trip to South America? Sign up here and we’ll send you the timetable.”


Problem solved. Go you!


Its so important that we all start looking at our websites in a similar way.

When you are pitching a certain promotion or product to a specific segment of your market, its important you are careful to serve them only their specific solution.

So many times, I see business women loose valuable leads and super interested prospects because they land on a busy website with distractions galore.

Sure, they came here wanting Spanish but wait, what about French? I might be travelling there next year…maybe I should wait and have a think about it…So many decisions!…

Killer landing pages help you avoid this problem of confusing your prospects and the fear of generalisation. With specific, high-converting and well designed landing pages, you can capture, engage and CONVERT your prospects in to your family and build a relationship right away.

You need landing pages that are tried and tested to persuade people that you are the solution to their problem.

Tweet: “ It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeffrey Eisenberg @GraceLeverBiz

I know what you’re thinking.

Expensive designers, web developers and weeks of waiting right?


I’m going to show you my favourite (and I reckon every good marketer’s favourite) tool to build unlimited personalised pages for every segment of your market.

Best news yet, its super cheap and super easy.

So its time to start clicking on that keyboard and start creating your very own Landing Page! In the comments below, I’d love for us to all encourage each other in our new web design mad skills…so share with us your favourite personally build Landing Page and we’ll all give you a well deserved congrats!

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