Goal Setting In The Great Outdoors

By December 5, 2014Friday Funday

Welcome to another Friday Funday!

I don’t know about you but my team and I sit in a stuffy office, inside, on computers, typing away and getting out and about is SUPER important for our sanity.

So today we all decided it was time to get out and about in the Great Outdoors of Australia and get a breath of fresh air. We also talked through our 5 BIG goals for 2015.

It was awesome…just having the chance to talk through these, be inspired and all be on the same page for the big and exciting year ahead!

We also kept our heads up on the search of koalas…we have a lot in this area 😉


I may have scared every native animal away however when I stepped over 2 brown snakes. Now can I stop here at this point and remind you that almost every snake in Australia is incredibly deadly?!

And brown snakes are no exception!

Yes, I’ve risked my life getting this Friday Funday to you 😉 But I believe so passionately in the absolute NEED to make business fun so nothing will stop me!

Your turn now. Go on!

I want to hear at least one of your BIG GOALS for 2015! How are you going to grow? Or launch? Or change your world?

And get out of the office and get some fresh air with your team…even if its just an hour on a Friday.

Share with me where your next Friday Funday is going to be in the comments section below…

Because its time to make business fun!



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