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By October 31, 2014Friday Funday

Guess what my clever friends? We’ve made business fun!

I’m so sick and tired of boring business.

I’m frustrated by the idea of being fearless, quitting my day job, taking a leap in to a new business and…

Finding myself strapped to my desk, doing the same ol’ 9-5 drag and being buried under paperwork.

Not quite the point right?

This mentality of working your life away to build a successful lifestyle business is not just damaging to your lifestyle, but can also be very damaging to your business.

Every business is driven by clever, creative, motivated and brave business owners and their team – and to keep your head in this space, its super important to close the computer, get out and about and let yourself brainstorm and dream.

And that’s why we created Friday Funday!

Friday Funday is time out for our team every Friday where we get out of the office, explore stunning places together and get the creative juices flowing as a team. We’ve been enjoying Friday Fundays for sometime and after a lot of feedback decided its time to share them with you!

Every Friday I’ll take you on an adventure at a stunning location whilst we work on a specific part of our business and growth.

You’ll love this week.

We’re enjoying the beautiful Deviation Road Winery whilst working through our video strategies.

And as always, I’m sharing all of this with you.

Check out the video and if you’re not already a part of my email family, be sure to leave your email in the form on this page so I can hook you up with the downloadable of the tools we’ve developed.

You’ll get the lot, our shortlist of the tools we recommend you use for video (and a few we recommend you avoid!)

Don’t forget to share with your network to encourage a revolution of business owners leaving the “employee” mindset behind to EMBRACE their very own lifestyle business!

I’d love to hear where you’d love your first Friday Funday to be so don’t forget to comment below and tell me what you’d like to plan for your team in your local area for your very own, Friday Funday.

grace lever


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