My Client-Getting Strategy For Tight Wallets

By December 3, 2014Online Marketing

Hey friend!

In this week’s episode, we’re going to review one of the most important YET overlooked marketing strategies that every business owner or entrepreneur should have.

This strategy will help you to get more clients, build an impressive email database, and position yourself in your industry as the guru that you are!

Let me introduce you to Downloadables 🙂

Now these bad boys are called many different names…Downloadables…Resources…Free Tools…Freebies.

But they all create the same affordable client-getting results.

I started integrating a resources or downloadable section on my websites and my client’s websites about 2 years ago and the results have been pretty darned cool! I’ve seen businesses going from generating 20 enquiries a week to over 100 by deploying this simple strategy.

AND without spending another cent on advertising budgets.


Tweet: Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one. – Robert Rose @GraceLeverBiz

By using and keeping life simple, you can get a good range of downloadables designed and live for between $50 and $100 or can DIY on the cheap for free.

In this video I show you exactly what I mean by looking at some very successful downloadable hubs that you can copy and roll out.

So tune in and check out the video above. And then don’t forget to turn these ideas into action but joining us in the comments below and sharing your plans for your first downloadable!

Can’t wait to hear from you



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