How To Be Annoyingly Organised With Your Team

By September 24, 2014Productivity

Are you spending more time managing, training and supporting your team than you know you should?

If you’ve hired the right people, your business should be able to function on a daily basis without your involvement.

Your job should be purely be to direct, lead and grow the business from a strategy and development point of view.

I know what you’re thinking.

As if.

Nice idea right? But we all know what happens when you leave the office or look in the other direction…stuff gets real. Fast.

I know how restrictive and limited a business can feel when the team if not performing and operating as it should be. I’ve been there, done that and know how a business owner can feel strapped and chained and gaffa-taped to the team and every project their managing.

Good news. I went underground about a year ago and trailed, tested, analysed and researched the heck out of every project management tool out there.

Today I’m sharing with you my pick of the bunch that I’ve been using (and loving!) ever since. I promise you that THIS is how you can be annoyingly organised with your team!

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So now, you can delegate and…actually delegate! You can hand over projects, responsibility and group targets to your team, knowing they have the tools, training and collaboration required to actually achieve them.

You can stop juggling Every. Single. Ball. and get back the “lifestyle” part of your lifestyle business 🙂

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