Think of the most powerful thing in your business right now…

Marketing Automation Women In Business

Is it your website?

A team member?

Social media presence?

Word of mouth publicity?

While all of the above are super important and have the potential to grow your business when done the right way, there’s something else that I believe has the power to take things to the next level.

I’ll give you a hint…

2 words, can do the work of 3-5 staff members, has the gift of the gab, is a brilliant multi-tasker and brings unlimited marketing potential to your business…

Drum roll please…

Marketing automation!


In one of my earlier blog posts, The Honest Truth About Automation, I dispelled some rumours about marketing automation and CRM systems being cold, hard to work with and unnecessary (these were probably started by a jealous co-worker).

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, if my automation system had a sense of humour, could make me a cup of peppermint tea and dish out a few compliments here and there, I’m not sure I’d need anyone else (just don’t tell my husband).

Don’t get me wrong. Having loyal and talented people on your team who are incredible at what they do is crucial.

However, there are some things you simply can’t do without marketing automation.

I’m not usually one to throw around the word can’t…

But even 50 dedicated staff wouldn’t get you anywhere near the precision and efficiency of a marketing automation system.

So just for today, let’s focus on the 5 things you can’t do without marketing automation…

  1. See what’s working (and what’s not)

Sure, trial and error can be funfor all of five minutes.

Although necessary in the beginning, wasting time, energy and money on things like Facebook advertising, email marketing copy, merchandising or branding gets old pretty quickly.

Through marketing automation, you can track exactly how your leads and customers are interacting with your business.

And I’m talking stalker territory herelocation, email open and click rates, active brand engagement, website visits, purchases and a whole lot more.

This information is priceless as it allows you to test different things out, analyse what’s performing and what’s not, and make changes accordingly to maximise sales and performance.

There are so many factors, both big and small that can have an impact on elements of your business.

Font styles, images, where CTAs are placed on a landing page, copy, pop-up timings… the list is endless!

Once you find out what your market wants, what they really really want, you can forget the rest and move forward with your tried and tested material.

  1. Know your numbers

Raise your hand if you can confidently say you know the exact number of people in your community, sales in your pocket and dollars in the bank at any given time?

When it comes to building a profitable lifestyle business, Excel spreadsheets won’t cut it.

Without a marketing automation system in place, you can’t accurately keep track of your numbers… and it’s costing you money.

For example…

A few years ago, a client came to me looking to improve their revenue. The first thing I did was scrap the spreadsheets and implement a comprehensive CRM automation system. By tracking data and analysing trends, I was able to identify how much the business made every time the phone rang. It was exactly $416. For that price, you’d never let the phone ring out again, right?!

Marketing automation enables you to track every dollar in your business, down to the cent. This provides you with the level of understanding and stability needed to make calculated decisions when it comes to your finances.

Remember that crazy thing called a budget? A marketing automation system can help you make one, and better yet, stick to it.

  1. Scale your business

Let’s be real about the number of people you can serve with your business operating manually.

For me, it’s 30-50 tops. And in order to do that well, I’d need to be surgically attached to my laptop. Any more than that and I’d start forgetting, neglecting and wasting prospects and customers. To impact more people than that, I’d have to hire and pay a big team.

Not ideal, right?

Sure, 30-50 happy customers and interested leads is alright, but it’s not scalable.

At that number, your business’ earning potential is drastically limited.

No matter how much your customers love you, there’s only so much a person can buy.

The amazing thing about marketing automation is its ability to personally communicate with tens of thousands of people on your behalf at any given time. Without bringing your laptop to bed/with you to the bathroom/on date nights.

Why put a ceiling on the amount of money you could be making?

You can create thoughtful, engaging email nurture sequences, upload them into your marketing automation system and watch as your relationships with thousands of leads and customers grow.

Just do it once and it’s done.

  1. Create a sellable asset

Hate to say it, but a business isn’t worth a cent if all the facts and figures are stored in your head.

Too many of us think of our businesses as only a hobby or something to do on the side.

If you’re building a business, what you’re really doing is creating an asset.

Should there come a time where you’d like to sell your business and try something new, having a fully functioning marketing automation system in place will attract attention.

In 2016, data and emails equal money.

A business that can operate without you is one that’ll sell. And for that, you need marketing automation.

  1. Take your hands off the keyboard

If the only thing marketing automation could do for you was get you out of your inbox and off the keyboard, it would be worth it.

Think about the number of hours spent manually emailing, balancing finances, answering enquiries and chasing dead-end leads…

Marketing automation frees up all that time for business-growth activities. Although admin keeps a business ticking over, it’s growth activities that’ll help you expand and move forward.

Did I mention they’ll also make you money?

All those great ideas you’ve been wanting to action but have never had the time for can finally get out of your head and onto the books!

The right marketing automation system for your business will help you turn “can’t” into “can”… sounds cheesy, but 100% true!

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